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Greetings ladies,

I believe that being bisexual gives a different perspective on how we relate to the world, and the the world relates to us.

When looking into bisexual communities on LJ, I often find that conversations are a bit stilted, and end abruptly. Many are also used primarily as a way to find boy or girlfriends. I have no problems with those searching for that.

My wish though is that this becomes a space in which we share our thoughts, dreams, feelings, concerns, and lives. This is also a place to share erotica, verse, and musings of all sorts, even porn- if behind a cut with a warning. I hope that we can make this space pleasing, titillating, and in a way beautiful.

So please step forward and introduce yourself. Tell us who are, who you want to be, and any thoughts you might have to make this a more comfortable little haven in cyberspace.


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On October 27th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC), sleepinglioness commented:
Thank you for starting this community. I think it has some real potential. :) When things slow down maybe you will have time to come here and be. :)
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