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It was me, I was the turkey all along!

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name: Vanessa
age: 19
sexual preference: Bisexual (exactly where I lean or whatnot I'm not sure)
Your favorite thing about yourself is... I am perfectly fine spending time alone
Something you want to change is... The pitiful amount of writing I do
Your talents and interests are... Reading, procrastinating (I have turned it into an art), the occasional writing.
We should know that you like... To be occupied
We should know that you do not like... Unrhyming poetry (I don't understand it), people being purposefully, oppressively negative.
You are interested in this community because... It has a great idea behind it.
Current Mood:
overall happy
Current Music:
Ambition by The Doves
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On March 10th, 2006 12:47 pm (UTC), jesshartley commented:
Welcome, Vanessa! This community has been awfully quiet of late, but it's very nice to see new people here!

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