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BASICS~ name: Ana age: 21 turning 22 in August.... sexual preference:…

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name: Ana
age: 21 turning 22 in August....
sexual preference: I generally lean towards the guys...but I can't deny it...I love the ladies too ^_^
Your favorite thing about yourself is...that I'm silly...that can be a good thing and a bad thing, but that's ok ^_^
Something you want to change is...ummm oh you got me there. I'm sure there's plenty of things I just can't come up with any at the moment :p
Your talents and interests are...I love to draw and paint...but I like photography as well...I really got into it during my third year in college
We should know that you like...starbucks? I aswell love to procrastinate and be somewhat lazy...lol
We should know that you do not like...people who diss my friends! and bugs...
You are interested in this community because...I stumbled upon it and thought it would be fun!
Current Location:
my chair
Current Mood:
cheerful cheerful
Current Music:
A Never Ending Dream - Cascada ^_^
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On June 19th, 2006 10:25 am (UTC), jesshartley commented:
Welcome, Ana!
It's awesome to see someone adding here!
I had begun to think we'd gone dormant over the winter (and it's already summer!)
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On June 22nd, 2006 01:22 am (UTC), shiseidowings commented:
Welcome Ana!

LOL Jess!!! Not really sure what we are doing with this place. Rebecca and I will have to talk about that. :)
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