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Bee Stung Beauty

bisexual bliss

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This is a place for bisexual-women, and those that identify as female to gather and share experiences.

I would love for this to be a place where those of any orientation feel comfortable. However posts slamming others will not be tolerated.

Please put any sexually explicit artwork, or photography behind an LJ Cut, for those naughty folk surfing the web at work. :P

This community is adaptable. Sharing artwork, photo spreads, prose, poetry, and just conversation are all very welcome.

I will be checking birthdates, so please have yours in your profile. :) 18 and over only.

Come here with curiosity, open mind, and considerate heart and we will all get along fine.

This is a sex and body positive community. :)

We would like new members to tell us a little about themselves...

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sexual preference:
Your favorite thing about yourself is...
Something you want to change is...
Your talents and interests are...
We should know that you like...
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Please know that you are welcome here! :)